Coping with stress, A cognitive behavioral approach

OUR BELIEFS, are a very powerful force on our behavior. It can shape affect or even determine our degree of intelligence, health, relationships, creativity, as well as our degree of happiness and personal success. Many of our beliefs were installed in us as children by parents, teachers, social upbringing and the media before we were aware of their impact or able to make a choice about them. We now know it is possible to restructure, unlearn or change old beliefs that may be limiting us and imprint new ones that can expand our potential beyond what we currently imagine using Orthodox Psychotherapy and Medical Hypnosis.

DEPRESSIVE DISORDERS: Depression appears in various forms, duration, and severity. Some people suffer from unipolar or major depression; others from bipolar depression, also called manic-depression. Some people have one episode of depression in their lifetime; others have recurrent episodes. Some people suffer debilitating symptoms, are unable to function, and may need to be hospitalized; others suffer ongoing milder symptoms.

CO-MORBID, depression, is when a disease or disorder occurs at the same time as another, but is unrelated to it, they are said to be co-morbid. These commonly include; cancer, heart disease, stroke, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), diabetes, epilepsy and Parkinson disease. Depression also commonly affect people with other mental health problems such as anxiety or drug and alcohol problems

SYMPTOMS of DEPRESSION: Depressed mood, persisting for 2 weeks or more; Feelings of sadness or anxiety; Feelings of guilt, worthlessness, or hopelessness; Significant changes in eating or sleeping patterns; Loss of interest in activities once enjoyed; Decreased energy or chronic fatigue; Difficulty concentrating or making decisions; Depression and pain often co-occur, one or more pain symptoms is present in 65% of depressed patients; Slowed movements or inability to sit still, or Thoughts of death or suicide

MANIC-DEPRESSION: Individuals suffering from manic-depression experience intense cycles of mania and depression. Manic episodes are characterized by unusually high energy, excessive shopping sprees, eating binges, or feelings of omnipotence and power. These symptoms often cause manic-depressive individuals to be mislabeled as “the life of the party,” when in fact, they suffer from a debilitating illness. For example, the person who volunteers for every church activity and seems to have endless amounts of energy may be exhibiting a manic episode. You may see this person as an answer to your prayers until the pathology of behavior becomes apparent or the illness swings into a depressed phase, at which time the person may drop out of sight.

ORTHODOX PSYCHOTHERAPY; Teaches the real distinction between the essence (ousia) and the energies (energeia) of God. A vast synthesis of patristic and ascetic oriental teachings from the 1st to the 14th centuries, this study presents a vision of the Christian doctrine of salvation and constitutes a veritable treaty, both theoretical and practical, of spiritual psychology and medicine, as well as a summation of Orthodox spirituality that has had no equivalent. In this case, the word of the doctor or the spiritual guide will be reinforced by the blessed power of God, which is capable of healing the most serious spiritual illness. Orthodox Psychotherapy is not limited to traditional psychotherapy used to treat psychological problems, but it rather refers to all people by dealing with their core existential issues

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