Medical Hynoanalysis

What can medical hypnoanalysis do for me?

Hypnosis has many uses and applications.

Medical Hypnoanalysis and / or Hypnotherapy has been successfully used to manage many physical & mental conditions and Increase human potential.

The use of hypnosis to accelerate personal achievement, has spread rapidly since the late 1950’s when the American Medical Association first recognized it’s legitimate use as a tool to help shell shocked soldiers overcome the trauma of war.

For years now professional athletes have employed hypnosis to enhance performance – and corporate executives at every level of management have discovered how hypnosis can help them achieve optimum efficiency. Today’s hypnosis is being applied more frequently in a widening variety of ways. For instance, the judicial system uses hypnosis to help witnesses remember details that have slipped from memory. At Walter Reed Army Hospital and other hospitals around the country, hypnosis is used as an anesthetic in surgical procedures. It is also used in childbirth, treating burn victims, psychotherapy and pain management. Hypnosis is part of the curriculum at Harvard Medical School.

In all of these areas and dozens more, hypnosis is recognized as a way to utilize the potential we have, but never use. It is a tool that facilitates success by allowing you to transform negative aspects of your subconscious into qualities of personal strength. By utilizing the full potential of the brain you can achieve greater success, power, fame, relaxation, and personal satisfaction.

Hypnosis the key

Like it or not, you are controlled by your subconscious. The heights of success you achieve are determined more by your subconscious than by external circumstances of your career. If you ever had the troubling feeling that you’re limiting yourself or blocking your personal growth, you’ve probably encountered self–imposed psychological barriers. The subconscious is an inner director that imposes limitations on your talents and abilities and controls behavior

Your habits, attitudes, beliefs, behavior, philosophies, desires and motivation are controlled to a large extent by your subconscious. Your subconscious has taken in everything you have experienced since birth, and is the inner director that controls your conscious mind, thoughts and actions. Although the subconscious takes years to develop, psychological research has confirmed that it can be altered in a relatively short – time – usually less than 30 days – through the transforming power of hypnosis. In others words, you can learn to break through to your personal potential in a matter of weeks.

The Procedure

In the process of altering your subconscious through hypnosis, you can liberate your success mechanism and attain goals once considered unattainable. You can learn to deal more effectively with stress, anxiety, frustration, anger, hostility – and even control personal habits like over eating and smoking.

You be the judge! Envision the personal breakthroughs you can make in each of the areas listed, and make it happen: Self Confidence, Self Image, Tension, Stress, Anger, Exam Preparation, Improve Memory, Sleep Improvement, Positive Thinking, Improved Concentration, Public Speaking and Increased Sales.

Specific Problems

Hypertension, Chronic Pain, Drug Addiction, IBS, Depression, Anxiety, Excess Weight, Smoking, Migraine Headaches, Phobias, Asthma, Suicide, Stroke Survivors, Regression Therapy, Earlier Life Traumas Resolved

Pediatric Hypnosis

Children respond wonderfully to hypnosis for habits such as fear, bed wetting, nose picking, undesirable mannerisms and attitudes. Older children can get help with attention problems, learning difficulties, study habits, anxieties (home or school), self-esteem & confidence, motivation, athletic performance, creativity, even grief from loss or separation

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