Investigative Conciliation

Christian legal investigative conciliation services can be used to settle a wide variety of disputes by focusing on spiritual and psychological understanding


Scientific Content Analysis (SCAN)

Linguistic Analysis is used in detecting deception and designed to reach one conclusion; the TRUTH. The (SCAN) analysis is taken from a pure statement given by the subject of his/her own free will. With (SCAN) we interpret the statement from beginning to end. Each word is examined in the Subjects statement, each pronoun and every connection, the subjective time, and each and every change in the Subjects language until the statement talks to us and shows us the answers. The structure and the content of the Subjects statement reveal whether there’s any attempt at deception. With (SCAN) there is no dependence upon observing “kinesics” or body language”. No 20 steps to follow, or hours of stressful interviewing .We need only the subjects own words, with their meaning clearly shown by (SCAN). SCAN is the key to unlocking the truth. SCAN is a versatile method. It is free from the constraints that affect other techniques such as the polygraph. There are no signed releases to deal with, and the subject doesn’t have to be attached to a machine, or sent to some distant location to take the test. Once the statement is taken it can be analyzed at a convenient time. The Analyst works with words found in the statement. The statement is given life, therefore, “The Statement is alive, The Subject is dead”. With (SCAN) the Subjects presence is not required, nor does the Analyst want to discuss the case with anyone prior to or during the SCAN Analysis. We are looking for the subjects words. What he/she said, and often more important what the Subject didn’t say. Most people don’t really lie, most people just don’t tell you everything.

Interview 100 People At Once With Scan and View: (SCAN) can be used on any written material or it can be applied with our VIEW Questionnaire, which offers streamlined use and optimum response. 100 people can complete the VIEW Questionnaire at the same time. It can be faxed to any location, completed and faxed back for analysis. Within hours the Analyst/Investigator will be able to review the Questionnaire and solve the case. The SCAN-VIEW Questionnaire is the logical answer for reducing the number of possible suspects when there are many. How valuable is an investigative tool that can reduce (100) possible suspects to (7) as an example, in a matter of hours. Ninety-three (93) people are removed from the list in light speed. View Questionnaire For Specific Cases: Used by Law Enforcement and in the Private Sector to Uncover Deception in; Internal Theft, Shrinkage, Abductions, Bombings, Murder (suspects/witness/relative), Robbery, (victims/suspect), Rape, (suspect/victim), Sexual Abuse, (specific incident/non-specific incident/victims ), Sexual Misconduct, Sexual Relationship, Sexual Harassment, (suspect/victim ), Arson, Insurance, (fabrication/inflating the value), Loss, Workers Compensation, Counter Intelligence, (non-specific/specific), Industrial Espionage, ( non specific, specific ), Leak, Damage, Sabotage, Drugs, Transporting Drugs, DUI, Background Investigations, Background Targeting one issue, Fraud, Kickbacks, Immigration, Marriage Fraud, Anonymous Letters, Threatening Phone Calls, Safety, Danger to The Public and Pre-Employment. St John’s offers you the power of The Forensic Investigative Statement Analysis to aid you in the combating of crime in your workplace or to reveal the truth that employees or others hide from you. Please fax any questions you may have on Linguistic Analysis to: Dr Ward at (916) 473-2183. “Then shall thou inquire, and make search, and ask diligently” (Deuteronomy 13: 14)


Cooperative Negotiation

A true go-between the Negotiator/Conciliator shuttles back and forth making offers, advocating positions, registering demands and answering questions. Information you provide may or may not be shared with other parties, depending upon your instructions. A Smarter, Faster and Less Expensive alternative to fighting claims in court. If you have irate creditors or collection agencies calling we may be able to resolve these matters before they become lawsuits. You could get the time you need to payoff your debts. In many cases we can reduce the amount you owe and arrange for a reasonable settlement. This could reduce your debt load ration, improve your bottom line and free up cash to spend revitalizing your business. Creditors want what they are owed, but will settle for less when they feel it’s in their best interest to do so. Areas of interest, Disputed Invoices & Statements, Judgment Negotiations & Liens, Bankruptcy Alternatives, Creditor Collection Actions, Pending Lawsuits, Problem Accounts Payable, Federal & State Tax Liabilities.


Christian Conciliation Services

While biblical principals of conflict resolution are the foundation for all our services, our mediation, conciliation and arbitration services can be specifically provided under the Rules of Procedure for Christian Conciliation. What is distinctive about this process is the centrality of Christ, the responsibility of the church, the necessity of biblical counseling and the comprehensiveness of God’s word.

Examples of disputes, Sales/Lease disputes, Real Estate disputes, Insurance disputes, Malpractice, Medical/Legal, Partnership disputes, Contractor disputes, Employee/Employer disputes Business/Commercial disputes, Personal Injury, Probate Issues, Family disputes such as Visitation and Custody arrangements. The Christian Conciliation process is conciliatory rather than adversarial in nature-that is it encourages honest communication and reasonable cooperation rather than unnecessary contention and manipulation. (1 Corinthians 6:1-8}. Frequently asked questions about Christian Conciliation, the Rules of procedure, the Principles that participants are expected to follow during Christian Conciliation are available upon request. There is no charge up to 30 minutes telephone or in-office consultation to explain our process and how we may be able to help you.


Mediation in the Workplace

Differences in work, Communication, and Management styles often result in disputes within the workplace. These conflicts can affect job performance, self-esteem and success. Chaplain/Conciliators can help co-workers or managers and their staff to explore difficulties in the workplace and help define steps that can be taken to maximize and resolve future conflicts. Workplace mediation includes: Interpersonal relationships, Bias/Discrimination and Victim/Offender Conferencing.