Dealing With Relationships

All human beings are involved in relationships, often several simultaneously. Whether such involves child parent, husband-wife, employer-employee, teacher student, lover-lover, friend-friend or individual-group, relationships can and do develop problems, misunderstanding, differences, changes of feelings or other disturbing elements.

Relationship problems can affect home life, work, education, health, attitude, motivation, even the desire to live. Symptoms may include anger, sadness, hurt, loss of self-esteem, depression and even violence Counseling, Coaching and Medical Hypnosis can ferret out the causes of such problems, bring about the healing power of understanding. These methods can eliminate feelings of rejection, hurts, frustrations and resentments. Communications can be re-established, confidence regained and creative solutions developed.

Emotions in relationships: When anger consumes you, anger controls you. Words spoken in anger usually are regretted. Actions prompted by anger likely will prove to be ill-advised. The same applies to bitterness, jealousy, guilt, desires for revenge. Emotions and reactions cloud issues, obscure causing factors, destroy wisdom and judgment. Out of control emotions compound problems. Medical Hypnosis is one of the most highly effective means of recapturing lost emotional control, and in the process avoiding further complications, achieving mental balance and assuming control of whatever the problem situation.

Learning self-hypnosis from a qualified professional can enable the subject to recognized and deal with emotional distress at the onset, which of course a major advantage maintaining control in relationships.

Sexual problems in relationships: Sexual dysfunction cases are often handled on referral from or in consultation with appropriate physicians. As in many cases, discovering causes is important. Medical factors must be checked, of course.

Non-medical causes may include childhood punishments, early religious background and training, poor handling of childhood curiosities by parents or teachers, life experiences, trauma, etc. Therapy for the female may require cooperation of a male partner, development of understanding of response, needs for attention, security, comfort, foreplay.

Male problems include impotence, premature ejaculation, fears about physical structure, masculinity and rejection. Suggestion therapy, desensitization and reeducation can prove effective. Neuro-Linguistic Programming can bring understanding of relationship communications, awareness of possibilities of modifications of attitudes and suggestibility’s and sexualities, and the importance of a need for creating feelings of confidence and security in and regarding the relationship itself.

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