The Mind Power Dynamic System – Lesson 1

Dr. Richard Ward, Educational Consultant

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  • Welcome to a new life!
  • Together we are going to vastly improve your life.
  • Step by step you are going to experience a wonderful new way of life and living.
  • Psychologists estimate that only 10% of the mental potential of the average person is being used — you are about to increase yours. — It doesn’t matter whether you have been failing in certain things all your life — you are now going to succeed.
  • It doesn’t matter how much success you think that you have already achieved — you are —- capable of far more, and you are going to get it.
  • If you have succeeded at some things (love, as an example), but have failed financially — you are going to make up the slack — whatever areas need improving will be improved.
  • If you are uncertain about your future — you are about to help create a more definite future.
  • If you feel that you would not know what to if you lost your job tomorrow — you will know exactly what to do
  • If you think that your life is over — you will find that there is still a lot that can stimulate and fulfill you, and give you, and give you meaning.
  • If you feel constantly under stress and pressure — you are going to learn how to end the struggle in your mind and nervous system.
  • If you are constantly having physical ailments of all kinds, most of which psychosomatic medicine estimates are caused by the mind — you are going to reverse your mind from that which produces ill health to that which is healthy.
  • You are going to do all these things, and more, by increasing the power and potential of your mind — you are going to work with your mind so that the latent power and potential of your mind will work for you for the rest of your life.
  • If you have ever thought of yourself as a loser or have been dissatisfied with the results that you have achieved in love, occupation, money, happiness, health, self-worth — you are going to be a winner.
  • Right now start believing that you have hit mental pay dirt — that you are going to open a literal goldmine of power in your mind which is going to turn day dreams and wishful thinking into concrete physical realities in your life.
  • Put an abrupt halt to being skeptical about yourself and about what is being said — your skepticism has ruin your opportunities in the past, but know optimism about your mind power potential is going to build a better future for you.
  • Even if you think that you are really sharp now, it will be nothing when likened to how really sharp you are going to be — your current state of mental sharpness will be dull by comparison.
  • Reason, intellect, analysis are the mental tools that you have used to a lesser or greater degree in the past — you are about to use a far greater power of your mind in the present and in the future.
  • If “deep down” you do not think much of yourself, your potentials, and your possibilities for a better life — watch out, since you are about to be wonderfully awakened from your dream-like nightmare of life.
  • You are about to cease being a losing clone of society and about to become a successful individual — even if you think that you are already successful.
  • Quite possibly Dr. Carl Jung was the greatest psychologist of his century, and he once made a statement that “you don’t solve problems – you outgrow them”. Through Mind Power Dynamics this is precisely what you are going to do — outgrow your problems or problem areas of your life by using the power of your mind to your greatest advantage.
  • Mind Power Dynamics is not a therapy — it is better, because through using your innate mind power you will avoid the problems that bring about neurosis. A person becomes neurotic only when they are unable to cope with or handle certain areas of their life, and they retreat into fantasy. Through your mind power you will not be struggling with coping — your mind will be moving ahead and doing — accomplishing.
  • Mind Power Dynamics is not a Study — not a Course — it is a SYSTEM of living — through the POWER IN YOUR MIND.
  • Some people are walking encyclopedias of psychological knowledge, but they are still far from happy in their lives. If you are such a person, you do not need more intellectual or academic knowledge — you need something simple, direct, and to the point, and to the heart of the matter, and what to do about it — a way — a SYSTEM. In Mind Power Dynamics you have it — Work it and it will work for you. You have already studied the complexities — now is the time to work with the basic truths. The simpler and more direct, the greater and more direct is the immediate power of your mind.
  • If you have never studied about the mind before — with Mind Power Dynamics there is no
    need to know anything previously – all that you need to know is explained … so relax and enjoy Mind Power Dynamics –it is so easy to understand — so easy to use — and above all, it works and will work for you.
  • No need to burden yourself with complexities of the mine, which you could spend a lifetime studying — you need relief — hope — a way — a system that is simple to use, simple to
    understand, and which you can apply immediately to improve every area of your of your life.
  • This is why knowingly or unknowingly, by becoming a participant in Mind Power Dynamics you have opened Pandora’s proverbial box to the latent power of your mind.
  • Get excited — be excited — and you will remain excited about Mind Power Dynamics the rest of your life. Real excitement comes when you know that you have the power to make your life whatever you wish it to be — and to be the person you wish to be. Work the SYSTEM, and the SYSTEM will work in bringing forth the power of your mind to make you and your life what you wish it to be.