Post-Partum Blues a Part of Childbirth

Following the birth of a baby, women may experience a period of depression.

The depression symptoms may 00 relatively mild, moderate or require treatment, even hospitalization. Physiologically, postpartum blues are related to the abrupt shift in hormonal balance when the pregnancy ends. Psychologically, these feelings become tied up with whatever emotional Issues a woman brings to motherhood.

Many women don’t recognize postpartum depression for what it is when they are experiencing it. Instead, they interpret their stress and unhappiness as their own failure and see it as evidence of their unsuitability for motherhood.

With more and more women returning to careers after the birth of their babies, many women do not take the time they need to adjust to tile change they are going through.

Nature did not mean for women to go through the process of motherhood alone. It is a vulnerable time for mother and infant. The availability of support from her husband, family and friends is essential. It is important to remember that the first experiences a baby has, set the tone (or whether the infant feels okay about being in the world. Emotionally, the infant bonds with its parents and the parents, both parents, with the infant.

Remember, those things that need taking care of that take you away from your infant can wait. Take your time, other distractions will still be there, but your child’s infancy only happens once.

Parents who feel good about themselves are happy, and parents who take good care of themselves are often able to do more than just feed, change and hold an infant. They communicate to their infants the most needed feeling, love.