Using Medical Hypnosis to Aid Cancer Patients


Using medical hypnosis to aid cancer patients is accomplished in five ways

1. The first type of session helps the cancer patients address the symptoms that they are experiencing from their particular type of cancer. Many times the actual treatment can produce many negative symptoms that hypnosis can help eliminate or decrease

2. The second way that hypnosis helps is by creating positive expectations of the future.

3. The third type of hypnosis sessions deals with theemotional issues that are present in every cancer patient. Although cancer is attacking the physical body, the mental outlook must also be treated.

4. The fourth and perhaps the most important is dealing with the self-healing abilities of the client/patient

5. Finally, The fifth, is Pain Management. Cancer pain is a side effect of cancer, Cancer pain should be aggressively treated whether the cancer is treatable or not. Part five is optional, It is a, Complete 4-Session Hypnosis Program for Pain Management requiring a physicians referral.

Specific Issues; Pain Control, Self-Healing, Fatigue, Incontinence, Pre-Surgery, Post-Surgery, Sexual

Responses, Anger, Sadness, Stress, Fear and Dignity, Sleep Problems, The Future, Memory Problems, Weight Loss, Weight Gain, Numbness, Nausea, Depression and Concerns about Life after Death.

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