Combining Medical and Holistic Metapsychological or Metaphysical Treatment

Everything has its place in the scheme of things and that includes the combining of Medical and Holistic Metapsychological (Metaphysical) Treatment. While the term “Holistic Metapsychology” may signify a Metaphysical approach to the art of healing, it should be noted that the words “Holistic Metapsychology” are legally copyrighted for the Holistic Metapsychology Ministry, a Ministerial Division of the International Metaphysical Ministry. Therefore, references to Holistic Metapsychology (H.M.) should be thought of in terms of the H.M. Ministry specifically, although many concepts are general to the field of Metaphysical Spiritual Healing.

Whenever it is possible, the medical and H.M. should work together for the maintaining or regaining of good health. One without the other leaves each lacking the maximum curative powers that can be harnessed for the health needs of the public.

While for many years antagonism has existed between medical and metaphysical and/or spiritual healing practices, recent years have brought an increasing relaxation of such tensions, and thus today there exists a far better atmosphere in which mutual trust in what each offers is more prevalent.

This is as it should be, with both able to contribute. Combining both medical and H.M. Treatment can be an individual undertaking by a lay person practicing H.M. in his or her individual life, or it can be undertaken by professionals in the H.M. Ministry. Either way, improved health is the outcome.

Cause and Effect in Health as Viewed by Holistic Metapsychology

The origin of disease, ailments and physical afflictions of the human body are for the most part mental (personal ego level) in origin.

Metaphysicians have declared this fact for decades, and more recently, psychosomatic medicine estimates that from 70% to as high as 90% of all physical ills are mental in origin.

This percentage is possibly closer to the 90% figure at the time of this writing, due to the increase of stress-related health problems, especially in Western society.

That there is a direct relationship between most physical ailments and a person’s state of mind is no longer the question. The question is more one of understanding the dynamics of the problem, and then how to successfully treat for improved health. The concept of cause and effect as viewed by H.M. can provide insight into this phenomenon.

Most diseases are mental in origin, and therefore most can be cured by affecting the mind, leading to a reversal of the process and improved health, or its restoration.

  • Mental causes start because of lack of spiritual presence in the mind. The emphasis in curing mental causes should therefore be Spiritual.
  • Preventive Health Maintenance is a key factor in most holistically inclined people, and should also be thought of in terms of preventing health-disturbing mental causes through Spiritual means.

Defining Spiritual as it Relates to Holistic Metapsychology, Health & Healing

To better understand the implications of using the SPIRITUAL to remove or sublimate mental causes adverse to health, the following H.M. definitions of the word “Spiritual” are appropriate:

  • The Ultimate Healing Power within the human body is the Presence of the Power that first created the body and sustains it, this of course being the God of the body, or God within.
  • God within the body is the Ultimate Physician and Healer, regardless of which healing art form is used whether it be Medicine, Holistic Metapsychology, Chiropractic, Acupuncture, etc.
  • The Intelligence Level of God within the body is equal to the intelligence of all nature, since it has gathered together nature’s elements
    and created the human body. Thus, the
    Intelligence of God within the body canbe thought of as Universal Intelligence.
  • Universal Intelligence, being the CREATOR OF ALL THINGS, thus lives and exists in all things, which can be thought of as the existence of an Ultimate Unity. Unity symbolizes love and love is the spirit of Universal Intelligence, or God.
  • God as Spirit or Love in the body gives Unity or Wholeness to human physical health to the degree that the Spirit works in the body.
  • The degree to which the Spirit is active in health maintenance or the restoration of health can be consciously influenced through H.M. or metaphysically related practices.
  • As a person’s conscious attitude is influenced, whether by themselves or by a Doctoral Practitioner of H.M., mental causes that adversely affect health are either diffused before they are created, or are sublimated or removed if they already do exist.

Universal Intelligence is eternal, and thus the Knower of all things. Its knowledge, therefore, is vastly more than the mental level of the personal ego. The personal mental ego, because it is lacking in Universal Intelligence, creates mental causes that adversely affect health. The greater the presence of universal intelligence within the mind, the less probability of negative mental causes disturbing health.

Contemporary Medical Sophistication Compared with Ancient Spiritual Healing Arts

Contemporary medicine has reached recent new heights of technological sophistication that are increasing its ability to heal and maintain good health. A stroll through any well-equipped modern hospital becomes a 2001 Space Odyssey in the clinical sense. Laser surgery, computer diagnosis, ultrasonic diagnosis, etc., are indeed impressive advances in the medical healing arts. Such advances will accelerate from this point on, due to computer findings.

  • In view of such sophistication and rapidly unfolding advancements in medical science, the question could arise as to whether, perhaps, ancient spiritual healing arts are archaic in their contemporary value, amidst such a healing arsenal displayed by medicine. In actual fact, the opposite will emerge as true.

The reason for this is that the more medical research is performed, the more medicine will come full circle, back to the postulates of the ancient healing arts.

This is because in the remote past, healing practitioners also used something closely related to modern- day computers to uncover knowledge for use in either healing or maintaining health. This computer equivalent is intuition, or the Intelligence of God within the body, surfacing to the conscious understanding level of the human mind.

In this manner, practitioners of ancient spiritual healing arts had the same basic form of knowledge about the human body as is being revealed by medical research, currently and in the future.

The Common Meeting Ground of Healing Knowledge Between Medicine and Holistic Metapsychology

With each new advance of medical science, there will come an increasing awareness of what real (mystically aware) Spiritual Healing Practitioners have always known:

  • The human body is an energy field.
  • All internal organs are energy fields.
  • All matter in the human body (cells, bones, fluids, etc. – anything having mass or substance) is a
    vibrating field of energy.
  • Treating the condition of the human body, therefore, is actually affecting the underlying energy factors that support the physical existence of the body and its various components. When you change the inner energy level, you change or affect the outer physical body manifestation.

As medical science continues to uncover the knowledge always possessed by true Spiritual Healing Practitioners, it will increasingly concentrate on developing medical equipment to change, alter or modify energy factors in the human body in regard to health.

This will eventually contribute to the common meeting ground between Medical and H.M. Practitioners; in other words, each will recognize the value of the other; the Medical Practitioner working through the vehicle of medical equipment designed to influence energy factors, and the H.M. Practitioner working through the vehicle of the mind through spiritual means, as discussed below.

Basis of Treatment Through Spiritual Means

  • The human mind is a field of energy.
  • The field of energy that comprises the human mind is composed of a multitude of thought levels.
  • Every thought level contains thought, and thought is energy.
  • At the nucleus, or center, or at the deepest levels of all thought-energy activity, exists universal intelligence as the primal energy factor, origin or source of all varying forms of thought-energy throughout all levels of the human mind, together with being the source or origin of all Energy Frequencies underlying the existence of all parts of the human body, externally and internally.
  • The goal, therefore, of a lay or professional Doctoral Practitioner of H.M. is to contact the inner primal energy, or God, to affect the various thought levels of the mind to remove, sublimate or refuse health- destroying thought energies.
  • By freeing the various thought levels of mental causes of ill health, the body’s energy factors, which are so closely under the influence of the mind’s energies, thus correspondingly improve.

As the primal energy, or God of the body, is the Ultimate Origin, or Source, for both mental and physical energy levels, it then most certainly follows that if this power could be more fully activated in the mind and body as an interacting psycho-physical unit, the healing process could be enhanced, or good health better maintained.

Guideline to Combining Medical and Holistic Metapsychology Treatment

To combine Holistic Metapsychology (H.M.) Treatment and Medical Treatment effectively, the following is offered as a helpful guideline:

First Sign of Small Symptoms

  • At the first sign of anything that might be considered a small physical symptom, begin H.M. Treatment on the symptom.
  • Most symptoms will respond and pass either within a short time (minutes or hours, or possibly within a few days).
  • Note that we state small symptoms. If there is the least suspicion of a major symptom, i.e., chest pain accompanied by shortness of breath, medical attention should be sought immediately.

After Symptoms are Removed Through H.M. Treatment

  • If symptoms are removed through H.M. Treatment, ask your Higher Mind, Universal Intelligence, or God, to intuitively inform your conscious mind as to WHY you had such a symptom(s).
  • Any symptom could have been produced through some form of tension, anxiety, or pressure that you might be experiencing, as well as through lack of proper rest, exercise, nutrition, etc.

Recurrence of Minor Symptoms

  • If minor symptoms should recur, then a medical practitioner should be consulted even though the Universal Intelligence, or God of your being, may have indicated the mental cause(s).
  • The reason for this is to double check that no serious health condition has been created as a result.

Medical and H.M. Treatment

  • If your medical practitioner prescribes a medical remedy, continue with your H.M. treatment, as this may do as much for you, and in some cases more, as the medical treatment you are receiving.

If No Relief

  • If minor symptoms occur and you get no relief in a few days of applying H.M. treatment, than definitely consult a medical practitioner.

Continue H.M. Treatment

  • Whether you are under care medically for either minor or major health problems, use H.M. treatments in conjunction with medical treatment.

Recognize that whether treatment is only medical, holistic metapsychology, or a combination of the two, ultimately it is the universal healing intelligence or God within the body that will actually do the healing.

Combining Treatments

  • Affirmations – Just as you would take prescription drugs into your system daily, you must also take health-producing affirmations into your mind to program it into a health-producing state for your body.
  • Meditation – If you are in considerable pain and cannot meditate, wait until medical painkillers take effect, and then meditate.
  • Affirm God’s Power – If pain medication fails to remove all the pain, then either silently, or preferably out loud, affirm that the Healing Power of God within you is healing you, or that the Healing Presence of God has greater power over your body than the lesser power causing any distress.
  • Healing Symbols – Just as a person might need to keep prescription and non-prescription drugs nearby, so also keep healing symbols available to you for your health needs, such as candles, incense, religious pictures, statuary and jewelry, etc. Surround yourself with healing symbols when working on your health.
  • Choosing a Practitioner – Choose medical practitioners who are aligned with your H.M. beliefs, if at all possible.
  • Common Sense – Use common sense. If time allows, get a second or even third opinion, if surgery is suggested. Ask and seek intuitive guidance from the Universal Intelligence, or God within you, to make the final decision.