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Status is online Chap. Dr. Richard Paul Ward, Therapeutic Orthodox Psychotherapist THERAPY OF SPIRITUAL ILLNESSES True Cause = “Missing The Mark” SIN (Gr. hamartia) Literally, “missing the mark”, Sin – a word which translates as ” missing the mark.” It comes from the Greek term “hamartia” which reminds us of the bowman who fails to hit… Read more »

Dr. Jean-Claunde Larchet Therapy of Spiritual Illnesses

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A vast synthesis of patristic and ascetic oriental teachings from the 1st to 14th centuries, this study presents a renewed vision of the Christian doctrine of salvation and constitutes a veritable treaty, both theoretical and practical, of spiritual psychology and medicine, as well as a summation of Orthodox spirituality that has no equivalent. The notion… Read more »

The Difference Between a Spiritual Father and a Psychologist

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Dr. Richard Ward

Metropolitan of Nafpaktos Hierotheos The spiritual Father, ought to perform his task on the basis of the Orthodox Tradition, it is clearly different from the psychologist, who works on the basis of an anthropocentric view of man and his life The psychologist wants to make people psychologically balanced. The spiritual father aims at man’s deification…. Read more »

Hypnotherapy In Sex Problems

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Sex Can (And Should) Be Wonderful One of the nation’s outstanding hypnotherapists who is also a psychologist has commented that good sex is simply an erotic trance. When the similarities between hypnosis and satisfying sex are considered, he is quite correct. Effective hypnosis involves high focus and concentration on the matter being dealt with. So… Read more »

Improving Communication in Love

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There can never be enough information conveyed about communicating in love. When one asks the question, “How’s your love life?” it should be understood that one’s love life is based mostly on communication. However, in love, communication is not limited to a verbal exchange, but also to the physical, and most importantly, the spiritual levels…. Read more »

Combining Medical and Holistic Metapsychological or Metaphysical Treatment

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Everything has its place in the scheme of things and that includes the combining of Medical and Holistic Metapsychological (Metaphysical) Treatment. While the term “Holistic Metapsychology” may signify a Metaphysical approach to the art of healing, it should be noted that the words “Holistic Metapsychology” are legally copyrighted for the Holistic Metapsychology Ministry, a Ministerial… Read more »


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What is gambling? Gambling refers to wagering something of value on a game or event in which the outcome is unpredictable and largely determined by chance. For most people, gambling can be an enjoyable form of recreation with little or no harmful effects.  Problem gambling can adversely affect the individual, the family, and society. Gabling… Read more »

Frequently Asked Questions on Medical Hypnosis

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Medical Hynoanalysis

The American Academy of Medical Hypnoanalysts Chap. Dr. Richard Ward, Certified Clinical Member Frequently Asked Questions by  Clients:  Part One What is Hypnosis? Hypnosis is a concentrated, focused state of mind. It is a natural ability. You go in and out of a hypnotic state when you daydream, or concentrate intently on a project, or… Read more »

The Industrial Chaplain

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The Corporate Chaplain

By Lars G. Harrison The Industrial Chaplain serves a pivotal role in today’s demanding business climate. This individual ensures that the senior executive leadership maintain the company’s vision, mission, goals and values, ethical considerations, compliances to quality, social and environmental concerns and keeps these promises to all stakeholders A chaplain is a member of the… Read more »