Improving Communication in Love

There can never be enough information conveyed about communicating in love. When one asks the question, “How’s your love life?” it should be understood that one’s love life is based mostly on communication. However, in love, communication is not limited to a verbal exchange, but also to the physical, and most importantly, the spiritual levels.

A love relationship can be defined as marriage or a bond with a significant other. How well you are communicating on all levels defines how well your love relationship is going. Either type of love connection is dependent on the quality of all levels, if it is to be a positive experience for both people.

The key level in relationships is the spiritual. If there is a spiritual bond or connection between two people that is real, then their relationship is part of their soul’s purpose in this lifetime. In such a case, it is as if their relationship has received the blessing of God.

Even though this may be true, it does not mean that communication will always be positive and wonderful.

In addition, it may end up that once again they do not master communicating with one another in this lifetime, necessitating another karmic showdown in a future life!

Whatever the “behind the scenes” spiritual reason for two souls coming together in a love relationship in this lifetime, one thing is certain, and that is, improving communications is a vital part of what they share with each other. In fact, one of the central points of improving communications in love is that of sharing.

When there is difficulty in communicating in love, it is because one or both partners is unable or unwilling to share themselves with the other person. Sharing is truly a spiritual act where one abandons the personal ego, with all its deceptions, so that there may be real communication between two people.

It should also be pointed out that for a person who is truly spiritual, communications in love will always be possible.

There are some interactions where higher, more evolved souls enter into love relationships for the underlying purpose of giving a lesser aware soul exposure, or to add to their spiritual growth. If this is the case, there may be a great many difficulties in communicating because of the reluctance of the less aware soul.

Such a relationship may be short-term. However, it may also be long-term if there is a lengthy list of karmic issues to be worked out between them. If it is long-term, this allows more time to improve communications, or conversely, additional time to be more miserable and to form yet additional negative karma, if communications are not improved.

The most important consideration is that we come together with another in a love relationship to better communicate or express love. Even in the very best of love relationships, there is still room for improving communications.

Spiritually, everyone is ultimately perfect, but perfecting a love relationship is a matter of communicating the God Presence between two people.

Module Instructions

Every day, for the next seven days, repeat each of the following affirmations, before and after reading the explanation of each one.

  • First, speak each affirmation out loud.
  • Next, repeat it to yourself in a whisper.
  • Finally, say it to yourself mentally.

After speaking or thinking each affirmation, close your eyes momentarily and feel that the reality of the affirmation is traveling into every level of your mind, while merging and synthesizing with the center Universal Mind or God within you.

Affirmation – Understanding

Through my daily practice of meditation, God provides me with intuitive insight into the mind and soul of the person I care for, to improve my communications with others.

God knows best what can be communicated between two people to improve their love relationship.

  • Meditation opens the door of the conscious mind to receive intuitive insight on how to communicate more effectively.
  • The intuitive insight is not confined to verbal exchange. It may also include an exchange of energies on a physical level when two people are close or touch physically, or an exchange of ideas between souls.
  • When a person communicates something of love that is wonderfully positive (as in what could be described as spontaneous or inspired), it is likely that this inner communication eruption comes from an exchange of spiritual love energy at the soul level.
    • When both people are mediators, the likelihood of such exchange is far greater.
    • Intuitive insight is gained through meditation allows you to intuitively sense what is taking place in the mind and soul of the person you care for.
    • With such awareness, you are better able to communicate with them positively and lovingly.
    • The very practice of meditation promotes an inner peace, the presence of which can enhance communications by physically maintaining peace and composure.
    • Intuitive Insight gained through meditation gives an understanding of another person that can go a long way in improving communications in love.

Affirmation – Forgiveness

Through understanding, I forgive the person I care for, for anything that requires forgiveness, and through forgiveness I improve my ability to communicate with them without bitterness or judgment.

Forgiveness is not always an easy thing to do, particularly if you feel you have been greatly wronged, especially in matters of love.

And yet, what is the alternative? Holding on to bitterness and judgment will negatively affect any attempt you make to improve communications.

  • Whatever you say or do will have the underlying presence of the bitterness you feel.
  • While what you feel may be experienced very deeply within you, even to the very depths of your soul, that part of you that is in Eternal Onement with God is free of anything about whichyou feel negative.
  • There is the God-part of you that is understanding and has already forgiven the other person.

The reality is that the closer you come to God in consciousness within yourself, the more you will feel and be one with the understanding and forgiveness that is part of the God-part of yourself.

God’s Presence within you is the great healer of all the bitterness that may be felt toward another that you care for.

  • Always keep in mind that whatever anger you may feel is more a defense mechanism against the hurt you might be experiencing.
  • Remember also that it is not the God-part of you that is hurting, but rather the personal ego.
  • Draw close to the God-part of your inner consciousness, and the hurt that you feel will be healed.
  • Once the hurt is healed, there is no longer any need for anger.
  • Remove anger and the atmosphere for improving communications is tremendously improved.
  • The key is in drawing closer to God through meditation.

Experiencing higher states of consciousness exposes the negative energies of anger, bitterness and judgment to the higher energies of God containing understanding, forgiveness, peace, and love.

Affirmation – Soul to Soul

I open my very soul and heart to the person I care for, knowing that honesty is a key to improving communications in love.

The personal ego is filled with defense mechanisms to guard against what a person feels is negative about oneself.

As long as communication between two people who care for each other is mired in the defenses of the personal ego, communication in love has little chance of improving.

  • In fact, over a period of time, things will get worse, as deception after deception pile higher and higher.
  • A person who plays this personal ego defense game actually ends up defeating the love that might otherwise exist.

The suggestion of soul-to-soul communication, based on honesty between people, frightens the personal ego. The personal ego feels that if the other person were to find out the whole truth about them, they would run away as fast as they could. The truth is that if a person knew that whole truth about themselves, the personal ego would no longer exist, as the God-part would be in control of their life.

  • There would be no need to be defensive.
  • Lack of confidence in one’s personal ego is thus replaced with the confidence of God’s Presence.

The ideal relationship, therefore, would be where both people have drawn close to oneness in consciousness with God, thus setting aside their personal egos.

  • It was a very wise person who first said, “Love conquers all.”
  • If there truly is real love between two people, each will open up to the other, confessing whatever they feel they need to, thus clearing the mental and emotional slate of whatever there has been to address.
  • Communicating to another from the depths of one’s being, intrust and in love, vastly improves communication in love because the communication is real, and only that through which is real is lasting.
  • Communicating soul-to-soul means communicating from the fiber of your being without reservation.
  • The degree to which one can do this is how well communications in love flow between two people.

In such an atmosphere of consciousness between two people, both can communicate from their very soul, openly and honestly, knowing they won’t be judged

Affirmation – God Directs

God’s Presence within me directs my communications when I am with the one I care for.

When your personal ego, with all its defenses, directs communications in love, there is a threat of a breakdown in communications, let alone the possibility of any improvements.

  • The personal ego is either on the defensive or on the offensive.
    • Its motivation in most instances is self-serving and self-centered. When communication is self-serving and self-centered, it is anything but what might be described as Spiritual.
    • This is why the personal ego must cease to direct or control communications in a love relationship.
  • The affirmation confirms that the presence of God within you directs your communication with the person you care for.
    • It means remembering that every time you are with the other person, be certain that your personal ego is set aside, and the God-part of your mind directs your communications.
    • You can tell it is the God-part of your mind if things seem to flow naturally, easily, and positively between you.
  • God’s presence can indeed speak through to another person by intuitively directing what you are saying verbally, how you are saying it, and what your body language and facial expression convey as you communicate.
    • All of these are elements of a total you communicating more effectively in love.

Affirmation – Change

I am willing to make whatever change necessary to improve communication with the person I care for.

Nothing can improve without change. If communications are poor and in need of improvement with someone you care for, change is absolutely necessary.

  • Most people fear change, believing that change might make things worse or bring about a complete collapse of a love relationship.

However, you must remind yourself that if change is not made, sooner or later the relationship is doomed anyway. Turning to God, turning communication direction over to God, is the best way to overcome fear about change in regard to communications.

  • Change in love communications would mean an opening up to the other person in soul-to-soul communication, as described in this module.

It would mean changing to being a person who is understanding, forgiving, and love directed.

Affirmation – Visualization

I visualize myself and the person I care for standing in a field of God’s light, communicating positively and lovingly with each other.

This visualization and affirmation, if practiced daily, can be enormously powerful in producing a spiritual energy atmosphere conducive to the communicating of positive love energy between you and the person you care for.

Use this visualization affirmation only if you truly care for the other person and the other person cares for you. To do otherwise would be to try to force love on another psychically, which is unjust, and would return in a negative boomerang effect.

When love or true deep feelings are present, visualization does not create love, but rather, enhances the feeling energies that already exist between two people.

If there is a genuineness of feeling between people, this visualization and affirmation create a positive, loving energy atmosphere where communications are improved.

Affirmation – Meditation

Through my daily practice of meditation, I am filled with God’s energies of love, peace, understanding, and harmony which I communicate through energy vibrations to the person I care for.

When you meditate, you open yourself to communication from God. Such communication brings you into contact with higher energy frequencies within your mind and throughout the energy field of your body.

Whatever higher energies of God’s love, peace, understanding, and harmony you experience during meditation are communicated to the person you care for.

  • This can take place on a psychic telepathic level, and through an energy exchange between your energy field and theirs, together with an exchange of energies in the auras surrounding the body.
  • These energies will affect body language, facial expressions, communication delivery and voice tone.
  • All of these are key and vital factors in improving communications in love.
    It is as if you are exchanging or sharing a portion of God’s love and harmony in your communications with each other.

Meditating daily elevates your own consciousness, which in turn elevates the consciousness of the relationship.

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