Couples Therapy

Couples Need Own Time: Daily Demands can Take Marriage Toll


Frequently, one of the habitual problems regrettably told to me by spouses concerns a lackluster relationship. The romance and excitement that once characterized their relationship faded as family, domestic and business commitments tugged on their time. Very often, couples in this predicament spend their best energy and time giving to other people and then wind… Read more »

Medical Hynoanalysis

Admitting Problem is a Big Step in Emotional Health


“Hello. Is this Dr. Ward?” “Yes, who’s calling?” “Well, uh, my name is Mrs. Smith and I’m Just calling to ask a question. ” “Okay, go ahead.” “Am I crazy to come see You? You see I’ve been feeling so unhappy for three months now but I don’t know what to do about It. A… Read more »


Support Vital in Handling Post Traumatic Stress


Originally Published in the International Association of Chiefs of Police Newsletter : June 1994 We’ve seen the pictures in our newspapers and on’ our television screens, a devastating hurricane destroys parts of Florida and the south, Floods inundate the midwest bringing indescribable misery and destruction. War in Bosnia destroys homes, lives, families and a whole… Read more »