Dealing With Relationships


All human beings are involved in relationships, often several simultaneously. Whether such involves child parent, husband-wife, employer-employee, teacher student, lover-lover, friend-friend or individual-group, relationships can and do develop problems, misunderstanding, differences, changes of feelings or other disturbing elements. Relationship problems can affect home life, work, education, health, attitude, motivation, even the desire to live. Symptoms… Read more »

Human Potentials


The use of hypnosis to accelerate personal achievement, has spread rapidly since the late 1950’s when the American Medical Association first recognized it’s legitimate use as a tool to help shell shocked soldiers overcome the trauma of war. For years now professional athletes have employed hypnosis to enhance performance – and corporate executives at every… Read more »

The Power of Hypnosis


What Can Medical Hypnoanalysis Do For Me? Hypnosis has many uses and applications. Medical Hypnoanalysis and/or Hypnotherapy has been successfully used to manage many of these conditions… Reduce Insomnia Alleviate Allergy Symptoms Relieve Anxiety And Panic Stop Smoking Achieve Ideal Weight Eliminate Negative Habits Experience Natural Easy Childbirth Make Clear Decisions Increase Confidence Unlock Creative… Read more »


Coping with stress, A cognitive behavioral approach


OUR BELIEFS, are a very powerful force on our behavior. It can shape affect or even determine our degree of intelligence, health, relationships, creativity, as well as our degree of happiness and personal success. Many of our beliefs were installed in us as children by parents, teachers, social upbringing and the media before we were… Read more »

Using Medical Hypnosis to Aid Cancer Patients


WORKING WITH CANCER PATIENTS Using medical hypnosis to aid cancer patients is accomplished in five ways 1. The first type of session helps the cancer patients address the symptoms that they are experiencing from their particular type of cancer. Many times the actual treatment can produce many negative symptoms that hypnosis can help eliminate or… Read more »

Hypnosis & The Brain

Hypnosis: How It Works with the Brain


Spring 2005 • Around Here Magazine Feature Article Most of us first learned about hypnosis from a nightclub-type performance. The subject was put into a deep sleep only to become the fool for the watch-swinging Svengali’s ridiculous post-hypnotic suggestions: “Whenever I say the word ‘cat,’ you will crow like a rooster.” This false image of… Read more »

Hypnotherapy For Homework

Mid-Term Thoughts Positive Strokes Can Help with Homework


The school year is about half over. Your school-age children are meeting many new challenges and you would like to help. What can you do? Most important, take an interest. Ask them to show you their work. Talk with them about what they are studying. Think of family activities or expeditions to enrich your children’s… Read more »

Dr. Richard Ward

Change: a matter of fate or of planning?


Many people let change happen to them, rather than taking an active role in evaluating goals, planning ahead and taking the risks necessary to achieve goals and, possibly, upsetting the status quo. Some people feel so scared of losing what they have that even tentative moves toward change frighten them. Others fear taking responsibility for… Read more »